Born in Germany, grew up in the former Japanese capital, Kamakura. She returned to Europe to study at the Vienna University of Applied Arts in Textile Design and has lived and worked in Vienna since 1992.

Megumi follows in the footsteps of a long family tradition of architects and painters.                                                                                   As an Artist, a designer, she is strongly influenced by the Japanese culture of Japan. Like many well-known artists and creatives, already as a child she was fascinated by the “disguised” light and shadow play of the nature, especialy old temples on the sea.. 

Megumi’s light objects decorate hotels, offices, shops and private residences. They are unique in form and style and complete the spaces with the charisma and personality of the designer and her clients. Her light objects she creates clarity, lightness and warmth at the same time. 

"The meaning of my work is to perform the play of light and shade. We create them by lighting up the spaces."

I love what I do so much and I hope you enjoy my work,                                                                                                                           Thank you for visiting my website. 

- Megumi ITO