I was born in Germany, but grew up in the ancient city of Kamakura, Japan. I traveled to Vienna to study Textile and Fashion Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since then I have been living in Vienna with my son Kei. I design lights for hotels, offices, shops, and private residents. They are unique in form and style in order to satisfy clients’ requirements in combination of clarity,  lightness, and warmth. From grandiose chandeliers to ultra-modern nightstands, soft and warm ceiling lamps to discrete led displays, each design is tailor made and suitable for everyone. The most important aspect of my artwork is to approach with the understanding of clients’ need and their requirements. I create lights that align with the environment they were requested for.

“I visit each space to see its atmosphere and understand what is missing because I want to fill that missing part,” she says.

“I then tailor each lamp to suit the charisma and personality of both the space and the client, playing with light and shade to create the right ambiance.”