My motivation behind designing timeless LED lamps comes from all the natural disasters that happen around the world. One of which I have survived myself, the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan three years ago. I reside in Austria but was on a personal trip to my native country right at the moment of the earthquake that left me thinking of various way to help the Japanese people. The only way to help

Creating lighting objects has been my passion for many years and my clients appreciate the art work that goes along with creating a lamp. However, I felt shy to sell objects that require a high amount of electricity and therefore was extremely happy when I got an offer to make my first LED lamp for a bar at a restaurant in Vienna's Burgtheatre.
The theatre was built in baroque style 150 years ago by Franz Josef's order to Semper (an architect). There are high ceilings covered by marble that gives an incredible feeling. The lamp I would then create for the restaurant was already drawn in my mind when I saw the inside of the theatre.
One month later there were about 800 Crystal sticks, looks like a soil hanged over the 6 meter long bar. The lamp is meant to hang low so the bar-table is lit up to look gorgeous yet positioned a little bit higher than people's eye so that there is no shadow on the face. Crystals are from Austria. I like the idea to use the material from the the country I find myself in. It also resonated well with the restaurant that focuses on local cuisine.

This was my first LED project that I was extremely proud of and felt that I am contributing something better than just a light bulb powered lamp to the society. Also, LED shines on the crystals uniformly and it doesn't hurt people's eyes when you look at the light. The result was stunning beautiful. The lamp was charming and the LED lighting made it look simply perfect.

I live by the idea that we should all strive to be more kind and generous to create that balance in life. We should care about stability and should start to be grateful for what we have. Those people who only dream about something and do nothing or who don't live in reality, they will never feel that. And I realized that LED light has a sense, innovation and is smart. My goal is to create particular lamps that will change the minds of people about LED lighting.

There are no lightbulbs to change and non that creates heat. The color of the light looks the same as Edison's warm light. But we should consider our mordern life and new technology that helps to save energy.