I was charged to make Cahndeliers for the shop that was renewed for 200 years A.E. Köchert with BWM Architects. 

The jewelers A.E. Köchert count since its inception in 1814 to the most renowned jewelers in Austria . The core business is located since 1873 on the Neuer Markt 15 Vienna ; In December 2005, another business in the Old Market 15 was in Salzburg opened.

The Viennese architecture office BWM Architects was founded in 2004 by Erich Bernard, Daniela reign and Johann Moser. The range of the projects is Large,  from the hotel planning and design through the (subsidized) housing, residential systems, attic adaptations and cooperative urban planning procedures and interior design to precises the exhibition designs. Planning in urban areas is one of the core competencies of the office.