I was in charge of the lighting aspect of Redesigning Project for Wertinvest in collaboration with Arkan Zeytinoglu. 

10,000 copper rings, a real material and will never end up being useless. The inspiration behind is the Omega concept. Which stands for infinity and that everything good happening for the company stays in the company without the outside world having an effect on it. The message also implies the feeling of "forever" .. 

The second photo is a fixture designed for the employee floor. There are two surface, one matt the other shiny, one lays horizontally the other vertically. It should encourage a strong teamwork and a healthy environment where ideas must flow. 

It is very important to consider the space in which people find themselves and how light can help them exist in that space. The goal is to use pure materials, those that not only compliment the space but also the environment. I mostly work with LED lighting which is environmentally friendly, and that is important for me as a creator.