A theater in Vienna which was built in the 19 century when the Ring-Straße was ,established. The beautiful Michelin restaurant aside needed a new light at the bar. This was my one of the first crystal chandeliers that I made. I  made it simple, but with a sense of presence. It was made of an elongated crystal chandelier close to 6 metres in length. The light emitted through the crystal makes peoples faces and the space look incredibly beautiful.



A.E. Köchert
This jewellery store is a renowned jewellery store that has been established in Vienna more than 200 years ago.
The main chandelier is one that I interpreted in my own way based on the sketch left by Theophil Eduard von Hansen, the architect that designed the first shop. 
Lights should give jewellery the most appealing beautiful look which should also be natural at the same time. The lighting in the shop was carefully controlled and designed by many specialists.


Speaking of Sacher, a chocolate cake called Sacher torte is world famous. Additionally, the Sacher Hotel has a salon where nobles have gathered since a long time, as it is the luxury hotel next to the opera house. When it changed from a chandelier that was lit with gas about 150 years ago to a light bulb, the Sacher Hotel first incorporated a chandelier using a light bulb made by LOBMEYR. I also tried to follow their tradition to be innovative. I was asked to arrange it in my own way based on the chandelier of LOBMEYR. The 5 meter long chandelier goes through from the first floor to the second floor. The 4000 crystals make the chandelier weigh 500kg. The whole lights are designed and produced by Megumi Ito.


ザッハーといえば、ザッハートルテというチョコレートケーキが有名。それにザッハーホテルは昔から貴族や芸術家の集まるサロンがあり、オペラ座の隣りにある最高級のホテル。ザッハーは150年程前にガスで灯していたシャンデリアから電球に変わった時、ローブマイヤーの電球使用のシャンデリアを初めて取り入れた。そこを私も意識してみた。そのシャンデリアをベース私なりにアレンジするように頼まれて出来上がったのが、この大きな照明。 1階から2階に突き抜ける5メートルのシャンデリアは四千個のクリスタルが付いていて500キロもある。カフェにはケーキを買うコーナーが一階に設けられていて、カフェと両方ある。2階に上がるとレストランとカフェ、会議のできるお部屋にもなる応接間のようなお部屋がある。全ての照明を制作した。


I was asked for a huge object like Jupiter . Rattan is woven on a metal frame basket which has a diameter of more than 2 meters.  I started to weave from the middle to the top so that the basket wouldn't collapse due to the weight. It was completed while hanging from the ceiling.
The cube-shaped space appears cold but the mixture of the softness of the rattan, the smell of natural material and the concrete make it become a harmonious space.  



Wajima lacquerware lamp

in Paris